The Lazy Entrepreneur’s Secret To Getting More Leads Than You Can Handle… Without Needing To Hustle, Bustle And Grind Unnecessarily!

When I first started my business, I worked hard. I worked day and night. I worked my ass off. After all, that’s how you become successful, right? (Or so I thought…)

Like most new start-ups, my partner and I tried to do most things ourselves to cut cost. (Big mistake on hindsight… but that’s a story for another time)

So in addition to my standard persuasive copywriting services, I was double-hatting as the business development guy.

Looking back, I can’t believe how I managed to survive those initial few months. My schedule was crazy packed. 4-5 meetings per day was the norm.

Night time brought no respite. I still had to follow up on the leads I got, and devise campaign strategies for my clients.

On average, I used to work about 15-16 hours a day. I was constantly tired, and my social life was in tatters. Although I was happy with the clients I brought in, it came to a point where I started to wonder:

“Is The Money Worth The Sacrifices I’m Making?”

Before I go further, here’s something you should know about me: I’m extremely ambitious. I aim high and I want to be the best at what I do.

But herein lies the problem… I’m also a lazy person by nature! See the conflict there?

It took all my willpower to hustle, bustle and grind the way I did. Deep down, I knew that I could not sustain that kind of manual work for long. I’m not that type of person.

So I started to think of a better way to get an equal or higher number of leads, without me needing to work so damn hard.

And the great thing about having an ambitious and lazy personality combo, is that I have an uncanny knack of coming up with short-cuts that can eliminate unnecessary labour, while still managing to increase productivity.

In short, that’s what people call:

Working Smart!

Within a week or two, I had a framework which in theory, would give me a tsunami of leads from the comfort of my home or office. To give you a brief overview, this is a personal branding framework that works on social media (I’ll explain more in detail later).

So with the formula all set and done, the next step was to test it. I was excited, but I knew I had to be patient, because branding is a long game which requires constant cultivation.

Results did not come immediately, but I kept the faith and persevered. Finally, after about 2 months of diligent posting on my Facebook profile, I snagged my first client thanks to this framework. After that, the leads started flowing like an open tap!

The results were so outrageously fantastic I had to turn away clients who were begging to pay me cold, hard cash for my services… because I could not handle the overwhelming load!


Without this framework, I probably would’ve been burned out and jaded a long time ago. Now, I’m inundated with an endless flow of clients… while relaxing in the comfort of my office!

So I’m guessing you must be wondering what this framework’s all about, right? Ok then… I shall not keep you in suspense any longer. Introducing, my very own:

E.R.P Personal Branding Formula

(FYI, E.R.P stands for Engage, Relate and Personalise. More on that later.)

With my E.R.P formula, you don’t have to compete with your competitors for leads or customers anymore. Instead, your prospects will be tripping over each other while competing for your time and expertise!

You can stop competing, and start dominating.

My E.R.P formula will also allow you to radically cut short your sales cycle, and give you the power position during negotiations with your prospects.

That’s because they’re coming to you, not the other way round. This means they need your expertise more than you need their business.

You can get them to play by your rules, rather than you compromising to meet their demands.

Best of all… it’s FREE! Since this is a personal branding framework, it’ll work best on your personal social media profile. Since I started applying it, I’ve acquired dozens of clients at zero advertising cost.

You can stop worrying about getting the best bang for your buck from your advertising costs, and start enjoying infinite ROI.


A Sneak Peek Behind The Curtain: Engage.Relate.Personalise

Before I tell you more about the E.R.P formula, this will only work for you if:

  • You have a Facebook account with a big enough group of potential prospects on your friend list. (Minimum 50)
  • You don’t mind mixing business with your personal life.
  • You’re diligent enough to post relevant content at least 2 times a week.
  • You’re realistic about expectations. This is NOT an instant quick-fix solution (took me about 2 months of consistent posting before I saw results.)
  • You’re authentic. Don’t make up stories. It’s stupid and unethical.

Alright then… now that that’s done and over with, here we go:



Remember that although they’re your prospects, they’re your friends as well. They don’t want to be “hard sold” to on Facebook. They want to be entertained. To enjoy their surfing time. To engage with you.

And the best way to do all that is: Tell stories about yourself!

Use your daily activities as story ideas, and be purposeful and clear on the message you want to convey. Most importantly, your story must in some way, educate important info related to your product/service.

E.g. If my message is the importance of marketing:

“I had a lunch meeting with a business owner who has a great product, but non-existent marketing. That’s why his sales is down in the dumps…”



It’s important that your readers can relate to your story, meaning they can understand, or better yet, visualise in their minds what you’re going through.

This will get them to buy into your message easily as you can capture and lead their imagination, from the first word all the way to the last.

Be careful not to use too many industry-specific terms or jargons, unless your readers are already highly-educated about your product/service.

E.g. If I’m a bespoke tailor writing a relatable story to my readers:

I was specially hand-picked by the flight attendant to enjoy a free upgrade to first class… because I was wearing a suit and the other passengers were not…”



To create the ideal perception of yourself to your prospects, you need to personalise your posts. This is based on two powerful concepts:

  • People Buy People First

Before your prospects buy what you’re selling, they buy into YOU first. They want to know you. To like you. To identify with you. Only then, will they buy from you.

That’s why it’s important to instil some of your values and beliefs into your posts occasionally.

This is especially so for salespeople or SME owners, since the relationships between them and their customers/prospects are a lot more personal.

  • Birds Of A Feather Flock Together

After getting a sense of who you are, they’ll be magnetically attracted to you if you have similar or compatible character traits.

Even though it’s business, it’s also personal. No one wants to work with someone they don’t like or can’t get along with.

E.g. If I’m a believer in hard work and sacrifice:

“It’s a Friday night. All my friends are out partying. They asked me along, but I turned them down. Because as an entrepreneur, you have to sacrifice somethings to achieve greatness…”


Ronald is the founder of Wordplay LLP, a highly-sought after persuasive copywriting firm. He and his team specialise in running direct response marketing campaigns. He believes that all marketing activities should lead to bottom-line business results such as leads, sales and profits. He has helped many SMEs from various industries generate explosive profits within a short time. To find out more about Ronald and Wordplay, check out Wordplay LLP on Facebook for advanced copywriting and marketing insights, or visit

Ronald Lye
Ronald specializes in persuasive/direct response copywriting that helps SMEs get an exponential amount of leads, sales and profits within a short time.

Combining an in-depth knowledge of human psychology with a conversational style that resonates strongly with readers, Ronald’s copywriting is a “sales pitch in text” that generates high conversions for his clients.

He believes that all marketing activities should lead to bottom-line business results, and has helped many SMEs from various industries run wildly profitable marketing/copywriting campaigns.

In his free time, Ronald plays guitar in a variety of rock bands. He also composes and records his own original music.

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