How To Explode Your Business Via Facebook – Without Spending A Single Cent

YUP, you heard that right. No more pumping in more funds for a fledgling Facebook ad campaign.

No more pissing away your hard earned money only to find out your targeting has been awry the whole time.

The best things in life are free, and nothing is freer on Facebook… than your own Facebook account.

Facebook continues to be the reigning champ of social media sites, as the #1 spot where friends connect and share online.

More than just a meeting place for friends, this platform has grown into a venue for businesses to market themselves through interaction with customers and self-promotion.

Try sneaking a peek at the smartphone screen of the person next to you the next time you’re out and about. I’ll bet you, 7 out of the 10 screens: Facebook.

It’s eating away our time… and we’re okay with it.

So, the question facing business owners today – how does one build the kind of trusted connections that Facebook creates between friends?

How can a business owner spark conversation, inspire sharing and nurture an engaging experience to drive business results?

“Playing For The Other Team”

The one thing business owners need to understand if they really want to utilize Facebook as a marketing tool, is to really shed their mentality as a businessman/woman, and see things in a casual light.

It’s all about that.

Facebook is, among all things primarily regarded as an outlet for leisure. People trough their feeds mostly in their down time, looking for interesting or light- hearted content they can have a laugh or be intrigued about.

This is where you need to play your cards right… and assume the persona and psyche of a casual Facebook user on his lunch break.

What catches your eye while you’re just scrolling through your Facebook feed in between bites?

Or when you’re en route to the office in the bus or train?

Answer: what probably generates a reaction from you is content that amuses, shocks, or excites… or dare I say even upsets you. One thing they’re definitely not looking for… blatant sales pitches. Ain’t nobody got time for that!

The first step to using Facebook successfully as a marketing tool, is to make sure you know what people want to see – and make sure they see it.

Giving The People What They Want

Ok so – everyone loves a good laugh on Facebook. A funny meme inspired by current events. A prank caught on video. Farting cats and burping dogs and sneezing pandas.

I kid you not. Sneezing pandas do exist.

Sometimes they fancy a good cry too. A picture followed by a touching account of how someone fought cancer and won/lost. A real-life account of a love story you’d think will only happen in movies. An abandoned puppy left for dead, nursed back to health by kind-hearted individuals.

In other instances a Facebook post makes the masses very angry. It may be a post about someone’s insensitive comments on current affairs, a video of an animal being abused, a recent terrorist attack.

These 3 types of posts share (pun fully intended) a very common similarity. They might be on varying spectrums of the human emotion continuum, but they get a very generous amount of likes and shares on Facebook.

What is the common trait these posts share?

The answer’s pretty simple really: these posts EVOKE EMOTION.

They channel something in the reader that literally compels a reaction (happiness, sadness, anger) that gives rise to an action (a comment, a share, a like).

Once an action on Facebook is taken, the amount of exposure that particular piece of content increases exponentially…and viola! A viral post. Content shared across continents, transcending borders.

How would you like your sales pitch to go viral? I’m thinking you and I both know the answer to that!

The Key Is Subtlety

Now that we know what tickles the fancy of an everyday Facebook user, it’s time to tailor your content around the 3 types of Facebook posts with “viral potential”.

The trick is to slide your sales pitch into an everyday anecdote, a vacation picture, a funny video.

Facebook happens to be a platform where it is perfectly fine to loosen your tie a little – and not be afraid to be a little funny or even colloquial in your content execution.

Everything you post can be tied back to the value of your business with a little tact, and savvy copywriting.

A vacation picture, amongst the many you see on a day-to-day basis on Facebook, can stand out with just a little bit of innovative captioning.

Sell your audience an idea, a fantasy, a possible “happy ending”. Seduce them with the great possibilities your business can provide. Entice them. Let them know you can open doors.

Entice… and TRAP.

Facebook allows us to connect to our friends, our family, and to the things we care about the most.

We “like” those things that are essential to our lives. And, we share those essential ideas, events, services, products and people with our friends.

That’s where the opportunities flow – drive people outside of your circle to connect to your business by making them a fan.

Friend Of A Friend

People will naturally have a soft spot for businesses and brands that they relate to and that represent their ideals and aspirations.

By supporting these businesses, people are intuitively sharing their support of these brands with their friends.

As such, businesses can connect to their customers’ friends – and reach more people who are likely to listen. “Testimonials” you don’t even need to ask for. Some of these new prospects are bound to engage and become new customers.

True story. Sorry, what’s the name of the platform
where you can connect with all your friends again?

There is a basic human principle at work – people have always relied on their friends to guide their decisions and to discover new ideas, including what to buy, where to go, who to meet.

By allowing your brand advocates, champions and influencers to connect your business to their friends – its more meaningful and believable.

Think about this: when someone hears about a business from their friend, they are twice as likely to engage, and four times more likely to purchase.

And, as we know from the research in word of mouth marketing, it’s always better for other people to promote your products and services than for you to… until your brand explodes and needs no more introduction.

Now all you need… is to unlock the secret to writing a seemingly casual Facebook post – that sells as much as it is liked and shared.

Time For That Status Update…

Social media and technology allow us to document our lives at an astounding pace.

From scrapbooked childhood photo albums to several gigabytes of photographic memories spread across Instagram and Facebook, we’ve come a long way. As consumers, we’re sharing and creating many new stories every day.

As a business, you may be wondering how you can stand out from the crowd.

How do you create content that garners more visibility than the social influencer on Instagram or the new viral singing sensation on YouTube?

Yes please, I would like a ton of these 3. Thank you.

Fret not. There is of course, a method to this madness. Techniques you can use to see from a consumers’ perspective.

Surefire means to tug at the heartstrings of someone who chances upon your Facebook posts.
Ways to get the amount of likes and shares and direct messages you never once got from updating your Facebook profile.

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Colin Chua